How can I help you ?

Hi there,

I don’t have a lot of time right now, summer, scuba diving degrees, a little extra job freelancing, and of wourse, well, work…

So I’d like to know what would you be interesting on reading for the next article.

I’d like to go deeper into fragment shader, learn how to have bumpmapping working for instance, I could have a few 外汇开户送金 example ported to WebGL, I could have a few articles about how to use minko to write your own shaders more easily than with AGAL…

Fell free to give me hints in the comments !

And for all, I wish you some nice vacations !

7 thoughts on “How can I help you ?

  1. I would love to know about distorting the final output!
    Like waving the (With shaders) the final output.

    For example: In a game, a big blow up will distort a specific area with a wave, while the whole game keeps animating…

  2. Gil Amran you reading my mind. I’m searching same tutorial or at least in what way I must walk for finding answer.

    P.S. Norbz, thanks to your for your work on your blog. It’s very helpfull and intresting.

    P.P.S Sorry for bad English.

  3. I have one idea that makes me creazy 🙂

    I would like to do matrix calculations in shader programs – and test is it faster. I saw something similar, but can’t find it now. Would be cool to create shader version of most common algorithms and some advanced (etc. advanced cliping) too.

    My main problem is mipmaping. I would to have much more controll when and how it work. Now it’s frustrating me because I get blurred regions in places I don’t want them to bee.

    PS. Thanks for your blog posts!

  4. Thank you for your tutorial
    I want to know how to realize the percentile in the game BSP tree game

  5. I think your resource is the only decent molehill resource on the interweb (i searched pretty hard) – thanks heaps for your articles. Do you have any other resources that you can recommend for getting to grips with AGAL?

  6. Mind if I ask – say you wanted to modify individual cubes in your sample (rgb, m44, xyz) , would you create a vertexBuffer per cube?

  7. I would like to know how to quickly, and properly modify an objects matrix3D so it’s parents position/rotation/scale effect it correctly.

    I’ve created a Object3D class.
    It contains the position/rotation/scale and it’s also the container, so it has a parent, and children.
    I want it so when parent ( or parent of the parent, or both ) of a child moves around , the child how you’d expect it to.

    I don’t understand matrices fully so I can’t seem to get it working perfectly…

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