Articles Frequency

Hi every one !

I received a lot of really nice comments lately about my articles, and also some requests. I’m glad about it, really, I’m glad I helped a few of you, and I’m glad you find the articles efficients, simple and easy. I think my article are easy to read only because I share my knowledge with you guys as I am discovering it. Meaning I am not a lot ahead from you 🙂

I wanted to remind you this not because I don’t want you to ask for help, actually I’m glad some of you sent me sources to look at or challenged me with some question, but because from now, I may post articles less frequently as the easy part is behind, and that I need more time to discover myself the other mysteries behind stage3D.

So in other words, please stay tuned, and please keep talking with me via mail or twitter, it’s always interesting, but expect articles (about Stage3D at least) to come less frequently.

About Stage3D, I am currently writing something about directional light. It should be ready by tonight or by tomorrow.

See you folks !